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Quick Update 007: Aug. 2013Home Advantage Network


Something new yet very familiar has arrived at HOMEADNET.

The composition of tools that make up our platform creates a truly unique Real Estate experience and that is something we are very proud of. The goal right from the start was to create a community of engaged users. That engagement opportunity just got better. We're happy to announce that HOMEADNET has introduced commenting and likes to the network Home Feed and Profile Feeds. It is a tried and true feature that works. Share your thoughts, start discussions and tell someone that you like what they have posted. It's a wonderful way to get members of our community to interact with each other. And since HOMEADNET is dedicated to Real Estate you can have meaningful conversations and learn a lot about what is happening in your industry simply by sharing your thoughts and receiving direct feedback.

So post your thoughts through a blog, share links to interesting articles and start conversations with your peers. If you see something you like you can now tell that person, ask questions and give feedback. The more you engage other users the more they will engage you back. So let's get talking!

Did You Know?

Your FREE HOMEADNET account comes bundled with a fully featured messaging and email platform. Not only can you send emails to your contacts on HOMEADNET but you can also send up to 25 emails a month to any external email address. You can easily attach property listings and blogs to your emails simply by clicking on the "Attach Property" and "Attach Post" buttons at the bottom of the message composer and select the items you want to include in your message. You can easily create super content-rich emails with just a few clicks. To access messaging simply click on the mail icon at the top of your profile. Give it a try!

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