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Welcome to this edition of HOMEADNET UNIVERSITY! Learn a quick tip about the HOMEADNET platform with every blog and improve your profile. If you are already an expert on a particular topic then you are ahead of the class. If you're just learning you'll be up to speed in no time!

Want to add your property listings to a Gallery on your website right from the listing editor? Now you can with the new button: SET AS FEATURED PROPERTY. When you have saved and published your listing click on this button to add it to any number of galleries you currently have on your site. There are simple on-screen steps to follow. This means you don't have to jump out to the Widgets editor and add the property to the gallery. You can add or remove it right from the listing editor.

CLICK HERE to access your Property Listings Manager to get started!

If you need help understanding any features of our platform please refer to the VIDEO TUTORIALS button in the top right corner of the screen when you are logged into HOMEADNET.


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