HOMEADNET University

It's a Banner Year!

Welcome to this edition of HOMEADNET UNIVERSITY! Learn a quick tip about the HOMEADNET platform with every blog and improve your profile. If you are already an expert on a particular topic then you are ahead of the class. If you're just learning you'll be up to speed in no time!

Your account let's you upload a custom banner that displays proudly at the top of your profile AND your public website.


When logged into the platform all you have to do is this:

1. From your profile click on WEBSITE APPEARANCE in the left side menu and then click on the

CHANGE BANNER link near the top of the screen just above the banner area.

3. You can pick a Premade banner right from the list or you can upload your own image. Just follow the on-screen steps. Once uploaded review the options in the CUSTOMIZE BANNER section to adjust how your Banner image and text appear. Have fun with it!! 

Here is the direct link to access the banner editor: [CLICK HERE] 

Class Dismissed!