Twitter allows you to display any public Twitter feed on your website. These timelines are interactive, so readers can reply, retweet and favorite tweets straight from your website.

Read through the steps below and then CLICK HERE to access the Twitter Widget Editor to get started.

Twitter Widget

1.  The first step is to go to Twitter to configure your Twitter Feed.  Click on the "Create New" button.

2.  Once in, you can pick your color scheme and size your Twitter widget. Follow the on-screen steps.  Once you're done, click “Save Changes.”

3.  The Widget id is the long number you see in the URL once you've saved your Twitter widget.  Highlight and copy the number similar to what you see in this image -------->

CLICK HERE to access the Twitter Widget Editor

Now go back to your HOMEADNET account:  

1. From the left column of your profile 

Website Widgets

page select "WEBSITE WIDGETS".

2. Find the  "TWITTER FEED" widget from the available list of widgets in the "Social" category.

3. Drag it into the desired location. (Side bar or Main area).

4. Open the widget properties and paste the WIDGET ID into the appropriate field. (Use your Widget ID, not the one in example)

5. Make sure to save your changes.

If you have never used the Widget Editor watch this video to get you up to speed on how it works: