Set As FeaturedWe continue to add and tweak features to improve your HOMEADNET experience.

There is a simple little addition inside your Property Listings Manager.  It is the SET AS FEATURED PROPERTY button.  When you create a new listing or step in to edit an existing one you can click on this button to add the property to one of your Listing Slider Galleries installed on your homepage.  You can assign it to one or as many galleries as you have made available on your site.

If you don't have a gallery installed on your site please refer to the VIDEO TUTORIALS button at the top right corner of your account page and watch the "How To Use Widgets" and "Featured Properties Widget" videos.

This funtion allows you to add a new property and assign it to your galleries in a single step.  Just click on the button and follow the on-screen steps.  Just make sure your listing is published as an active listing.  We're sure you will find this function useful.