Dima, Dan & JenniferHOMEADNET recently took part in the Realtor Quest tradeshow in Toronto, Canada.  And what a great experience it was.  It was our first official public event as a company since we started developing our Real Estate platform.  Not only did we get a chance to meet some of our current members but we also got to meet a ton of amazing people who work in different aspects of this industry of ours.  We met agents, brokers, financial, technology and marketing professionals and people from the US and Canada.  You don’t realise how big this industry is until you see so many companies gathered together in one place.  And when you realise how big this industry truly is you realise the potential it presents to those who work in it.  This was the true validation point for me.  How else can you connect with so many people in one place?  Well, the answer is right here.  A Real Estate focused network like HOMEADNET.


Dan with long time HOMEADNET member Peter ChungThe most common thread I identified at the 

The HOMEADNET booth was busy!

show is that so many agents realise how important it is to be well represented online.  And many who know this is important found reasons why they couldn’t do it.  “I don’t have time”.  “I don’t know how”.  “I get all of my leads from my Sphere of Influence”.  OK, that last one came from a workshop at the show.  So many people used that term when I asked where they got their leads.  Turns out it was a term used at the show during a lecture.  It sounds clever when one person says it but it kind of sounded silly when I heard 20 people say it.  I’ll use that to reinforce my point.  The Real Estate industry is plagued by templates.  Website templates, process templates and workflow templates.  I can tell you firsthand that every agent I met at the show was different.  They had different personalities and stories.  They had different backgrounds, territories and companies.  They were all unique in some way.  If only they all realised that and pushed their unique personalities forward.  Simple content and social marketing can do that.  By stepping away from templates and pre-packaged content, they can build an online personality that is unique and effective.  It may take a little more effort but I think their businesses are worth it.  Don’t you?


Dan with the Orlando Realtor Association Chairman Zola Szerencses Overall, I feel really good about what we are

Dima & Dan - HOMEADNET Foundersdoing here at HOMEADNET.  We believe strongly that identity is important and connecting to a focused, industry network is extremely beneficial.  We can all share ideas and stories and help grow our businesses alongside our colleagues.  We can share ideas and content, test concepts and reach farther than we ever could before.  I enjoyed my experience connecting with so many people in person and I look forward to coming to your town.  Hopefully some time in the very near future.

Founders in the Booth

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