Home Adnet is thrilled to announce the next date for our expanded Beta release.  On Tuesday, May 28th we will be opening the doors to our next group of subscribers.  The reasons we are letting in users slowly are twofold.  For one, we are still in beta.  The complexities of a platform like ours are endless.  It takes a lot of hours by real users to work out the kinks and identify details that require modification.  By managing the size of the community we can identify necessary fixes without taxing the whole platform.  The second reason for limiting entry is infrastructure.  As a start-up we have to mange the growth of our systems.  The more users, the more equipment we need behind the scenes to support the network.  To ensure a stable environment for our current users and a manageble growth for our business we simply control the number of users that will get access to the platform.  Soon enough we will enter a full scale launch and remove all entry restrictions.  For now, get your sites all prettied up as a few more people will be joining our community.  Feel free to welcome any of our new users to the community and share some of your wisdom about Home Adnet.

You are also welcome to tell your colleagues about Home Adnet.  They can sign-up at homeadnet.com and will be invited in for the third phase of our Beta release.

Thanks for reading!