Inluded in your Home Adnet account is the messaging platform.  It works like standard messaging and email but comes bundled with some special features. If you use email (I think that is a safe assumption) then you will have no problem using Home Adnet Messaging.

You can use it to communicate with other users on the network simply by clicking on the "Send A Message" button from their profile pages or your contacts list.

You can also start typing the recipients name in the "To" field and pick from the list of available contacts.

What makes this simple messaging platform really powerful is the ability to add property listings and posts right from the message.  Click the "Attach Property" and "Attach Post" buttons to access items from your current inventory.  Choose the items you want and Voila!   Emails that look like newsletters.

What a great way to promote your listings and blogs.  And so simple to use.

Here's a sample: