SWEET LEAD GENERATIONThere is nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning, logging into your computer and finding an inbound lead has made its way into your inbox. For many this is just a pipe dream.  However, this is the reality for the most successful agents.

In an industry where over 90% of its customer base are researching their next Real Estate move online, Lead Gen platforms have become a big business.  And many Real Estate Agents are falling prey to the promise of real leads for a small stack of their hard-earned money.  I’ve never understood the logic of these promises of leads.  I’ve been in the market many times over the years.  I never added myself to a list so an endless stream of agents can call me freely to win my business.  It just doesn’t happen.

90 percentThe key is understanding the habits of potential leads.  That 90% stat is real and growing.  Realtor associations all over the world have done studies.  So if that is where the customers are, as an agent, you need to make sure you are well positioned to earn some of that business.

Work While You SleepWhen you work in a service business your output potential is limited by the hours of work you can realistically do each day.  What if you could make some of those hours work for you so you can keep your marketing and sales efforts going when you just need to take a break? OR SLEEP!  Wouldn’t that be sweet? Well you can!  That is what Content Marketing is all about.  The hours you invest in writing blogs, articles, short stories, listing features and testimonials is not meant to be a mundane chore with few benefits.  It’s an extension of your personality, your brand and your business.  These sweet little nuggets of information can talk to people when you can’t.  They populate your website taking it from a generic template and turning it into a destination full of information.  This is where those tasty leads show up.  Websites full of great content get higher search results.  That 90% club has a higher chance of finding you.  You have more things to share to your Social Media accounts and drive some likes, comments and inquiries.  And your potential to drive leads online grows exponentially.  Not to mention, you can start a good Content Marketing campaign with little or no money.  You can increase your investment as it starts to take shape.

I’ve heard all of the excuses.  “I don’t blog”, “I don’t have time”. You spend each and every day talking about your business, selling your expertise and building confidence in your brand.  Well, put pen to paper and capture some of this rich information and put it to work.

Content Marketing ProAs a Homeadnet member you have the tools to create your content and reach your audience.  With one click you can promote anything you do to all of your social media accounts at once.  And your website is optimized for Google Search so your website ranking will grow over time.  Our data shows that Homeadnet members with a listings feed and an active account are 500% more likely to drive a lead through their website.

Take one look at your website and answer this question honestly: “Would I contact this agent?”  If the answer is no then take the time to build your web presence and better position yourself to capture real leads.

If your marketing is working and has no room for more keep doing what you are doing.  However, if you know it needs a boost Content Marketing can be an efficient and inexpensive way to start moving your marketing in the right direction.  Realize the opportunity that online marketing provides. That sweet taste of success may just be one mouse click away.

*** No honey bees were harmed during the production of this blog. ;-)