In this blog:  Is your website mobile compliant?  Google boosts search results for websites that are compliant.

Is your current website 100% supported on mobile?  Are you clear what that means?

Homeadnet - Responsive DesignModern website design has adopted "Responsive" technology.  This simply means that your website is designed to adapt itself to any size screen.  The user experience is vastly improved because the same site designed for the desktop browser will function with minimal pinches and zooms on mobile and tablet devices.  The end result is a smoother browsing experience for visitors to your site regardless of the device they are using.

Homeadnet - Google Mobile CompliantGoogle's mobile search algorithm ranks responsive websites higher than non-responsive sites in mobile searches.  So if you are not compliant you could be losing leads simply because Google is not placing your website high enough in search results.  And with mobile searches now firmly ahead of desktop searches it is critically important for you to get your site up to date.

Homeadnet - Responsive WebsitesThe great news for HOMEADNET members is that we have been way ahead of this curve.  Premium members have already been taking advantage of the fully responsive templates in their upgraded accounts.  And you can take advantage too by becoming a HOMEADNET Pro.  All of our upgrade bundles include state of the art responsive technology.  Visitors who come to your site via mobile phones have one click access to your contact information and easy access to your information and listings.  And with a 100% Google compliant website you won't be penalized in mobile searches and losing possible leads.

But don't just take my word for it.  Click here to read the official announcement from Google.  You can also use their tool to see if your site is mobile ready.

If your site is not compliant let HOMEADNET solve this problem for you.  Don't lose any leads because you have a dated website.  Click here to check out our upgrades and get your website 100% mobile compliant.

If you are not a HOMEADNET member it is 100% FREE to sign up and you can enjoy most of our available tools like or website builder and Social Media marketing tools.  You can upgrade to our PRO services once you are certain HOMEADNET is the right platform for your business.

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