Get Noticed 001: Sept. 2013

Home Advantage Network

Time to Get Noticed!

Getting noticed by our HOMEADNET community is a good thing. It creates more impressions and visits to your website. We actually reward our top users by featuring them in the “Our Community” panel right on our main homepage! We are still a very new site but we are already getting thousands of visitors to our site every month. So the big question is “How do I get my site featured on the homepage?” The answer is simple: We need to notice you!

So how do you get noticed?

1. You must have a nice photo of yourself set up as your main profile picture. Shiny, happy faces go a long way.

2. Your site needs to have a pleasing design with a good banner image. You can upload your own image or choose from the FREE images we have provided.

3. You need to have content on your site. Blogs, property listings, videos, photos, the choice is yours. Good content gets you noticed by us, visitors from the web and Google.

If you don’t know how to do any of this all you need to do is login to your account and locate the VIDEO TUTORIALS button. We walk you through how to do all of these things with our FREE training videos.

Get your business in front of our audience and take advantage of this free promotional opportunity. Even if you don’t make our homepage you will be doing something great for your business by improving the quality of your online image and increasing the chances your site will get found by hot prospects.

Have Fun!

Best Regards,