Things are progressing nicely here at HomeAdnet. We are officially in our “Pre-Beta” phase. What is that you ask? We have been doing live demonstrations of our platform for select focus groups. The focus groups include hand-picked Realtors based in Toronto, Canada. This is a big milestone for us. After almost a year in development we are finally getting to see reactions to our site first hand by Realtors who are seeing the platform for the very first time. We are thrilled to report that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Phew!!! Like we expected anything less. This is such a critical step in our development. We are building this project solely for Realtors and are counting on feedback to make sure we are building the best tools possible.

The most popular feature has been our Go! Social tool. The ability to broadcast listings, blogs, open houses, status updates and more with a simple click has proven to be the big winner. Our focus groups recognized the value in it’s reach and simplicity. That in a nutshell is what Home Adnet is all about.

So what is next? Upon the conclusion of our Pre-Beta phase we are going back into the shop to make any adjustments that were identified as “priority” by our focus groups. From there we have our first official Beta group already assembled. This group will be the first to acquire “official” HomeAdnet accounts. These Realtors are spread all over North America and will get to experience the platform on their own. Their feedback will also be invaluable to the process.

After that we will start inviting more and more users to join us. If you are receiving this digest then you are already on the list. You will get your invitation to join us soon enough.

This is such an exciting time in the evolution of the Home Adnet platform. We’ve watched it grow from a simple idea to a feature-rich site. And it will continue to get better. As we put the power ofHome Adnet into more and more hands we will have the pleasure of watching an amazing community grow. A community aligned by a common love. Real Estate.